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We are so blessed to have the opportunity to minister God's love to your precious children each week.  Our children's staff and workers are committed to providing a safe and caring environment in every classroom.  Please take a moment to read through these parent guidelines for the children's ministry at the MVC.  If you have any questions or would like to know more about the Children's ministry programs feel free to contact our Children's Director Kelly Westberry.




Our Purpose

To see children encounter the love and presence of God through the lives of the caring adults who serve them on a weekly basis.
To teach children foundational truths from Scripture and encourage them in their relationship with Jesus.
To see children embraced as active participants in the kingdom of God and to see them integrated into the life of the church.
To support and encourage parents as they seek to train their children in the Lord.


Nursery - Birth - 3 years

-Provide a diaper bag for your child with 3-4 disposable diapers, sippy cup or bottle of formula, juice, or water, a change of clothing, and pacifier if needed.  Make sure all of your child's belongings, including cups, are clearly labeled.
-Leave instructions with teachers regarding bottles, snacks, allergies, naps,and diapers.
-A nursing room is available in the rear of the main auditorium.


Preschool - Kindergarten Class

This class is for 4-6 yr. olds, or preschool - kindergarten.  Children will now enter this class when they turn four and be promoted up to elementary ministry when they enter 1st grade.  Bible lessons will be creatively presented with lots of hands on learning and activities.  Worship time, play time crafts, and snacks are a part of the weekly class schedule.


Elementary Class - 1st - 5th Grade

Children in our elementary class will participate in a Bible lesson/activity, games, crafts, and playtime.  Stories and truths from the Bible will be presented using a variety of creative methods, including storytelling, drama, music, and video.  Children will also have the opportunity to participate in a small group, where they will interact with scriptures, discuss and explore ways to live out Biblical truths, have prayer time, and build relationships with their peers and leaders.





To ensure that we provide a safe environment for our children, we ask that you help us in following these policies.



For safety reasons, children must be supervised by an adult at all times while in the MVC building.  Please do not allow them to run around the hallways or classrooms before, during, or after the service.  No children are permitted on or behind the stage in the children's room or in the main auditorium.


Check In / Pick up

Children should be checked in at the connections table prior to the service.  Instructions are posted next to the check in computer.  You will receive nametags and a security # for your child.  If your child has a food allergy, they will be given a red bracelet to wear. 


Please notify teachers of any allergies, medical issues, or other concerns they should be aware of. 


Wellness Policy

In order to keep our classrooms a healthy place for children and their teachers, we ask that you keep children at home when they are ill or exhibit any or the following symptoms within 24 hours of a classroom setting.

1) Persistent coughing or sneezing

2) Thick, white, yellow or green runny nose

3) Any fever, vomiting, diarrhea or rash

4) Discharge from eyes

5) Unusual fatigue or irritability


Behavior Expectations

Children are expected to actively participate and follow classroom rules.  If your child repeatedly disobeys the class rules, or is endangering others through aggressive behavior,  you will be called to the room to remove your child from the class.





We have various opportunities for you to serve in children's ministry, from holding babies or helping in a classroom, to being a lead teacher.  We ask all parents to help once a month in one of the classes.  For safety and security, all teachers and workers are required to complete a ministry application and a background check.  Contact Kelly Westberry for more information about how you can serve.

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